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*Aluminium panel with extra-large LED display indicates the system volume, battery, diversity A/Bsignal switching of each channel, work frequency, receiving distance and the system locked key etc.

*Wireless synchronization of transmitters via infrared interface

*High-quality true diversity reception,and the 200 meters operation range.

*The sophisticated PLL technology,and pilot tone squelch for eliminating RF interference whentransmitter is turned off

Receiver (DR2-610U)
Frequency Range:  UHF 500~900 MHz
Channels: Dual Channel
Channel Quantity:    200
Oscillation:   With PLL combined technology
Receiver Sensitivity:  <-95dBm for 30dB S/N Ra
Work Effective Distance:  150~200 m
Max. Frequency Deviation: +/-45KHz
Band Width:   50MHz
Signal-to-noise Ratio: >110dBm(A)
Distortion: <0.5%
Audio Socket:  XLR balanced & 6.3φ phone jack unbalanced
Power: 12V DC/1000mA
AF Output Impedance: 600Ω
Chassis: EIA 1U standard metal chassis
Volume:    420x190x45mm
Weight: 2260g
Handheld Transmitter (HT-1)
Frequency Range:                          UHF 500~900 MHz
Channel Quantity:  200
Oscillation:      With PLL combined technology
Power Output:                                   50mW/10mW
Band Width:                                         50MHz
Max. Frequency Deviation: +/-45KHz
Distortion:       <0.5%
Signal-to-noise Ratio:  > 105 dBm(A)
Battery:  AA X 2
Battery Current / Life:  Approximately 8 hours
Volume: 265x40mm
Weight: 375g
Body-Pack Transmitter (BT-1)
Frequency Range:  UHF 500~900 MHz
Channel Quantity: 200
Oscillation:  With PLL combined technology
Power Output:  50mW
Band Width:   50MHz
Max. Frequency Deviation:  +/-45KHz
Distortion:  <0.5%
Signal-to-noise Ratio: > 105 dBm(A)
Battery:  AA X 2
Battery Current / Life:  Approximately 8 hours
Volume: 108x63x20mm
Weight: 100g